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Filling the form in consider the following clues and advices.
Present yourself. Write your name and surname or the company name (if you rappresent a firm). Specify where you are from or the company is from. Who'll read your message will put more credibility in it and will trust in it, not created as spam or for annoying them. The addressee'll consider your message trustfully.
Your email. Fill in the specific field with a correct email (carefully verify every single letter, write it without mistake). It's the only way to get an answer.
The Messagge. Choose every word carefully. Try to be clear and brief at the same time. Do not go into a detaliled description of your problem (or question), limit the report just writing about the subject (family case, divorce, for ex., or an agreement violation, buying and selling case, or, once again, get back some money, etc.). Clarify if you need a meeting, get a quote, etc. Write, if you want, your phone number asking for a call back.
Privacy. Your data will never be given to third party and, as written in our privacy information notice, they'll saved in ProfessioneGiustizia's server, only the necessary time to put you through to the professional. Naturally, your data'll sent to the professional, as you're requiring.